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One of the most outstanding attractions in the city of Santiago de Chile is the city’s National History Museum. This cultural institution was founded in 1911 and the city’s Royal Court was located here during an important period, that is, the highest body of the Justice of Santiago. Its location is also a connotation of the importance of this historic building, as it is located in the Plaza de Armas square, the city’s Kilometre Zero, and is where the most important institutions were located during the viceregal period. Today, in addition to the museum, this square also houses the Illustrious Municipality of Santiago, the city’s post office and the Royal Court Palace of Santiago, which is preserved inside the National History Museum.The National History Museum, open every day from 10am to 6pm except for Mondays, has several collections of historical art that are grouped according to the type of art they represent. Among them you will find collections of popular art, decorative art, textiles, archaeological art, books, weapons and photographs. Near the museum on Santo Domingo Street stands the Church of Santo Domingo, and just a few steps away is the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago, dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This historic building also contains the Archbishop’s Palace, the Sagrario Parrish and a Catholic temple, all of which are considered to be national monuments.This area is located in the old part of the city and is therefore the historical epicentre of Santiago, meaning that it is always very crowded as a result of its cultural importance. As this is the most frequently-visited area of the city by tourists, it therefore has a significant part of the city’s dining establishments. Here you will find beautiful local restaurants where you can discover the city’s cuisine as well as stores, shopping centres and many hotels to stay at. To get around the centre of Santiago comfortably, it is recommended to travel by car then visit the area on foot after parking. Nearby you can find several Saba car parks where you can leave your car and forget about having to look for street parking. These public car parks are open 24 hours a day and have modern facilities.

Parking Saba in Concepción

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The city of Concepción has an international airport, known as Carriel Sur, as well as an extensive network of buses that enable the traveler to easily move around the country. To get around Concepción, you can use the public transport services or a private vehicle to visit the city’s surrounding areas.

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In addition to its economic importance, Concepción is a city that is rich in cultural heritage. Some of the most outstanding monuments you should visit include the University of Concepción, the Ecuador Park and the city’s Cathedral. If you visit the historical centre by car, we recommend using the Saba car parks located in the city.