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Valparaíso is one of the Chilean cities with the most cultural development. Every year, thousands of people visit this city to enjoy not only its beaches but also its history, which is told through all of the tourist monuments that fill up the city.One of the points of interest you cannot miss when visiting Valparaíso is the La Sebastiana Museum where Pablo Neruda lived. This house, located on the Cerro Florida hill, was built especially for the Chilean poet. It was built by the Spanish architect Sebastián Collado, who died before being able to finish the building. This house, located in the centre of the city, offers privileged views of the Bay of Valparaíso, one of the city’s greatest treasures. The house also holds on to old maps, marine relics and other paintings, a portrait of Lord Cochrane and an oil painting by José Miguel Carrera. Among these relics you can find an old photo of what the city’s bay used to look like and then compare it to what it looks like now.Near La Sebastiana is the Plaza de los Poetas square, as well as one of the most important theatres in the city, the Mauri Theatre. A little further down, heading towards the port, you will find Valparaíso’s Musical Instrument Museum (museo organológico) and the Cerro Bellavista hill, a unique place that contains several urban murals. If you want to visit La Sebastiana and the area’s monuments, you can park your car at the Saba car park in the Plaza Bellavista square, located at 1215 O’Higgins Street. This public car park is open 24 hours a day and its convenient location within the city means you can easily enjoy the city’s monuments and tourist attractions without having to worry about where to park your car.

Parking Saba in Valparaíso

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You can get to Valparaíso by first travelling to Santiago’s airport and then travelling by road, either using private transport or the bus network that is spread out across the country. The best way to get around the city is to use the Valparaíso underground or the Valparaíso Metropolitan Transport.

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Valparaíso is known in Chile for its historical and cultural heritage. If you visit this Chilean city, you have to visit the National Maritime Museum, the National History Museum and the Vergara Palace, in addition to Playa Ancha, which is one of the most important neighbourhoods in the province. To get around the centre of Valparaíso comfortably, we recommend using the Saba car park located in the Plaza Bellavista square.