Parking/s in Plaza de las Armas Square - Santiago

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21 de Mayo, frente al Nº 576, Santiago , Santiago


Open between 06:30 to 00:00


Maximum height allowed: 2 meters


If we had to choose where the centre of the city of Santiago is, it would undoubtedly be the Plaza de Armas square. Not only because of its central location, but also because it houses the most important national monuments in the Chilean capital. In this square you will find the National Museum of History, the city’s Cathedral, the Illustrious Municipality of Santiago and the post office. In addition, this area is always bustling at any time of day due to its many outstanding local shops, trendy restaurants and a large number of hotels. If you travel to this area by car, we recommend parking at the Saba car park located on 21 de Mayo Street, opposite number 576. · Open 24 hours · Facilities with mobile phone coverage · Equipped with spaces for people with reduced mobility

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