Parking Saba Santa Lucia - Santiago

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Victoria Subercaseaux Nº 400 , Santiago


Open between 06:30h to 24:00h


Maximum height allowed: 2 meters


In the centre of Santiago grows a beautiful Japanese-style garden, where you can find several important monuments and tourist attractions. This garden is located on the Santa Lucía Hill, and among the trails in this eastern park we can find the Hidalgo Castle, the Sepulchre of Benjamin Vicuna Mackenna and the Fountain of Neptune. Among the loto flowers and the azaleas that grow in the garden, there is also the monument dedicated to Pedro de Valdivia, a Spanish soldier and conqueror. In the same park you can find the Saba Santa Lucía car park where you can easily leave your car. This public car park, open 24 hours a day, is located at 400 Victoria Subercaseaux Street. · Open 24 hours · Facilities with mobile phone coverage · Equipped with spaces for people with reduced mobility

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You only pay for the minutes of your stay in the parking.

3,100.00 $/hour

10,590.00 $

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