Parking Saba Santa Rosa - Santiago

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Av. Santa Rosa, frente al Nº 76 , Santiago


Open between 06:30 to 00:00


Maximum height allowed: 1.9 meters


If you visit the southern area of Santiago, you will find the La Legua neighbourhood, given this name since it is one league away from the Plaza de Armas square. This is a working-class neighbourhood with an industrial origin that has witnessed strong development in recent years. If you want to really see how the locals live in Santiago, their traditions and their local food, La Legua is a great place to visit. It is often difficult to park in this area of the city. Just a few steps from this area, in the same neighbourhood, you can find a Saba car park. This public car park is located on Santa Rosa Avenue, opposite number 76 · Open 24 hours · Facilities with mobile phone coverage · Equipped with spaces for people with reduced mobility

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Hourly fee

You only pay for the minutes of your stay in the parking.

3,100.00 $/hour

10,590.00 $

12,000.00 $

- 12 %