Parking Saba Guardia Vieja - Santiago

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Av. Providencia Nº 2185, Providencia , Santiago


Open 24h


Maximum height allowed: 1.9 meters


Providencia Avenue, one of the most important streets in the city of Santaigo, gathers some important points of interest if you are visiting the Chilean capital. In one part of the avenue, near the Parque de las Esculturas, most of the shopping malls are concentrated. It is a commercial epicenter where you can find everything. Fashion stores, restaurants, hotels and hostels. At number 2185 of the Avenue is located one of the many Saba parking lots, arranged in different areas of the city for the convenience of the traveler. These public parking lots are available at any time of the day and have modern facilities with wifi included. - Open 24 hours a day - The facilities have cell phone coverage - Equipped with spaces for people with reduced mobility. Places for people with reduced mobility. Trolley washing service and electric trolley charging. Translated with (free version)

Products and Tickets

Hourly fee

You only pay for the minutes of your stay in the parking.

3,100.00 $/hour

10,170.00 $

12,000.00 $

- 16 %