Parking Saba Ricardo Lyon - Santiago

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Av. Providencia Nº 2269, Providencia , Santiago


Open 24h


Maximum height allowed: 1.9 meters


One of the main streets of the Chilean capital is Providencia Avenue. It is the main avenue of one of the districts with the most centralized commerce and varied gastronomy of the city of Santiago. Adjacent to the commune of downtown Santiago (Santiago). All parking lots in Providencia allow access to about 400 mt to a beautiful avenue called Costanera Andres Bello, where there is much sporting activity by the inhabitants, beautiful cultural walks, such as the Park of the sculptures, and is another green lung of the city of Santiago, which runs along the Mapocho River (the main river of the city). Our Ricardo Lyon parking lot is close to commercial environments and beauty centers. Near this parking lot is a tall building with restaurants that offer a beautiful view of Santiago because of the height in which they are located. The parking offers the following services: Open 24 hours - The facilities have coverage for cell phones - Equipped with parking spaces for people with reduced mobility. Parking for motorcycles. Car wash. Charging for electric cars. 3G/4G cellular phone coverage.

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You only pay for the minutes of your stay in the parking.

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