If you are a client who pays your stays for each use, you receive a bill for that service. If you need an invoice to replace that ticket, you must request it at attaching scanner to invoice and canceled ticket for that stay. If you are a monthly subscriber you can request your invoices by sending an email directly to the parking of your subscription or to
If you need invoices for product sales (multidia, voucher, etc.) you can request your copies at
If you are a self-payee customer, your invoices are issued by central highway invoices, through the website 

You can check the services offered in each car park on their webpage

During the purchase process, once you have chosen your product and your access method, you can access the section Do you need invoice ?. You must complete the form that appears in the drop-down. The only invoice can be requested at this time of purchase. It cannot be requested a posteriori. You must send scanned routing to invoice

Once the purchase has been made, we will send you an email informing you of the process to redeem your product.

All prices include VAT. The amount paid at the time of purchase will always be the total amount payable.

You can check the maximum height of each car park on their webpage.

No. The subscription is linked to a single car park, to a user (natural or legal person) and to the vehicle indicated in the subscription contract.

Any additional time is payable when you exit the car park, at standard rates.

You can check if the car park has electric vehicle charging stations on their webpage.

You can send an email to or through the link contacts of this web

The vehicle you access with is probably subscribed in autopase. You must notify us by indicating your patent plate in order to verify it by contacting this website or by email

My Saba

You will be able to cancel MySaba in the "My details" section. This will delete your account.

You can access all your details from your user account, from where you will be able to change your password. A confirmation email will be sent to you afterwards.

If you have successfully registered on MySaba, you will receive a welcome message which will indicate that everything is correct.

In the top right-hand corner of the home page, there is a tab to "Register", from where you can create a new user account.

We will send a confirmation email to the email address used to make the purchase.

Saba can cancel an account due to user misuse of the Web Site or the Virtual Office account. For more information refer to the Purchase Terms and Conditions section

No.You can only buy from the website.

Select "I've forgotten my password" when trying to access your account My Saba. Enter your email address and we will send you a link where you will be able to reset it.


You can report directly in the parking lot where you have your subscription, there you sign a low document. You can send an email to the parking directly or to The withdrawal, as mentioned in the contract, must be informed with 15 days of anticipation.

If you have PAC (automatic payment charged to the current account) you must sign a new bank mandate to be able to authorize that charges be generated in that account. You will find the mandate in the parking of your subscription. If you only do electronic transfer without PAC, you just have to put the email every time you make this transfer.

You can go to the parking lot where you wish to be subscribed to formalize the registration, with a photocopy of the RUT, photocopy of a domiciliary receipt, and register of the vehicle you will access. For companies, a photocopy of a legal representative and document with representative power of the same is also requested. The Saba operator will issue a subscription contract and the registration invoice to be canceled against delivery. If you do not find parking personnel at that time, you can send us the documentation and the type of subscription that you would be interested in by email: or, providing us with a telephone number of contact so we can communicate with you.

Subscriber bills are issued in bulk within the first 10 days of the current month. We can not advance the date of issuance of the same by electronic billing management systems

Yes, you must contact so that we can inform you of our agreements and associated discounts


You must subscribe the vehicle at or go to the central highway offices

Billing is done by Autopista central / Abertis, so any questions with billing should be requested to them through the web or by phone 600 4000 600

Billing is done by Autopista central / Abertis, so any questions with billing should be requested to them through the web or by phone 600 4000 600

Billing is done by Autopista central / Abertis, so any questions with billing should be requested to them through the web or by phone 600 4000 600

You should start receiving them from the month following the use of parking lots. The above is subject to the cycle of invoicing that you have of central highway / Abertis. More information can be requested by www.autopase .cl or by phone 600 4000 600

You can review the transactions associated with the billed charge at, with your rout and password. Afterwards you send us the same to to review and request the credit note to the central highway / abertis on your TAG use invoice.

Yes, you must inform the parking lot. You can send us an email to with the TAG number (11 numbers that are on the side of the device installed in your vehicle) to inform the parking and record your TAG number associated with the vehicle who performs the access as a subscriber

Before buying the product you must inform the parking or sales agent to proceed with the necessary information