Movilidad Eléctrica

Enjoy the 30 electric charging points at your disposal in Saba car parks.

Saba is convinced of the growing importance of intensifying strategies based on electric mobility, which is why, it has formed a partnership with Enel X for electrically charged vehicles.

The privileged location of the Saba parking lots is an excellent asset for the implementation of a network of chargers in the capital of Chile.

We currently have 30 charging points in 10 parking lots, reaffirming our commitment to a sustainable mobility model, supporting the social responsibility initiatives that are being developed worldwide, and a constant concern to offer our customers new and innovative services of the highest quality.

List of Saba parking lots with charging stations, 3 electric charging spots each:


- Parking Saba Ricardo Lyon 

- Parking Saba Guardia Vieja 

- Parking Saba Pedro de Valdivia 

- Parking Saba Marchant Pereira 


- Parking Saba Santiago centro 

- Parking Saba Santa Rosa 

- Parking Saba Paseo Bulnes 

- Parking Saba Plaza Mekis 

- Parking Saba Santa Lucía 

- Parking Saba Parque Forestal 

- Parking Saba Plaza de Armas 

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