Gift voucher for your parking

Activate now your GIFT VALUE for your parking

Now, if the TAG of your vehicle is attached to Autopase, take advantage and activate this gift voucher in a very simple way:

1. If you have obtained your Gift Voucher through an online promotion via e-mail:

  • The code of your Gift Voucher must appear directly in the box, so just enter your RUT.


2. If you have obtained your Gift Voucher in an establishment:

  • Activate it by entering your RUT and the code that you will find inside the Gift Voucher.
  • You will receive an e-mail with the amount of the bonus and the conditions of its application.
  • Remember that you have time to enter the code until the expiration date on the back of the Gift Voucher.


Enjoy the Saba parking network with Autopass service. Activate your voucher 24 business hours before use. The discount does not apply to Clínica las Condes.

Start saving in your parking lot with the Saba Gift Vouchers!


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RUT:Ej: 10034879-K